Totah Fine Arts


TOTAH was founded by David Totah to actively engage in his lifelong passion. He grew up among artists, in a family of art dealers and collectors who ran galleries, the Edward Totah Gallery in London and the Albert Totah Gallery in New York. They are known for identifying and promoting artists who went on to have a significant impact on the contemporary era. David links this tradition with over 20 years’ experience as a collector and observer of art world dynamics.

At TOTAH, our focus is modern and contemporary art. We strive to share our constant quest for further artistic revelation. Our mission is to acknowledge and channel the creative dialogue between the artist, their perception and their work, and to bring it to those who will respond to it. We seek emerging talent and we present established artists; together they allow us to demonstrate our commitment to creative freedom, streaming from an uncompromising sense of integrity. TOTAH is a collaborative space – a nexus for ideas and inspirational connections; here we nurture our artists and audience and match their aspirations with our unwavering sense of direction.