December 22, 1960 ā€“ August 12, 1988
Born in Brooklyn, NY

American artist who was influenced form an early age by his avid reading of French, Spanish and English texts, cartoon drawings, Alfred Hitchcock films, cars and comic books. His art comprises imagery and symbolism from African, Aztec, Greek and Roman cultures, as well as his own Puerto Rican and Haitian heritage. He identified with historical and contemporary Black figures, events, cartoons and graffiti art. He brought a bicultural perspective including Black culture and popular street-based imagery to his work. In 1983 he met Andy Warhol, who he became close too, sometimes collaborating on work with him; Warholā€™s untimely death deeply disturbed Basquiat, who died prematurely soon after.

Chicken Wing Three, 1983
Collage and acrylic on a metal panel
35 5/8 x 35 5/8 inches (91 x 91 cm)